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About us

GR Crypto is an independent rating agency that issues analytical overviews of the upcoming Initial Coin Offerings / Token Generation Events.

With the new business model creating opportunities for startup enthusiasts and investors - we see potential in blockchain disrupting and revolutionising global economy. That being said, as a fairly new and highly unregulated industry, it also leaves room for and accumulates unethical practice. At GR Crypto, we take on a big mission of changing that.


GR Сrypto is a full-service rating agency determined to set a standard of excellence, integrity and transparency in the blockchain.

We strive to provide our readers with reliable source of information and evaluation of the ICO and cryptocurrency projects.


GR Crypto’s "G-Rate" is an ICO evaluation system that’s based on a unique framework, specifically tailored for the new type of investment. Rating process includes standardized procedures, but may deviate considering project specifications.

Additionally, we provide on-demand advisory services covering all stages of the ICO: from whitepapers to token listing.

Finally, we strive to keep our audience up-to-date with the latest and most relevant news through our social media channel.


GR Crypto team is as educated, as it is experienced in numerous disciplines - corporate finance, investment banking, trading, project management, entrepreneurship. Our skills, professional connections and expertise help us deliver high quality services and products.

G-Rate system

G-Rate is based on an independent and unbiased opinion of our experts on the project attractiveness.

G-Rate methodology might be changed or updated depending on the market condition. Any changes or updates to the methodology will be mirrored on the website.

Rating score on the scale of 0 to 5 points is intended to evaluate the overall quality and viability of the following factors: Product, Token, Tech, Financials, Competitive advantages, Business model, Compliance and Team.

Each factor is evaluated separately and covers following constituents:


  • Product maturity level (concept / prototype / rollout readiness)
  • Strategy completeness
  • Adherence to development plan
  • Market size and opportunity
  • Innovativeness level
  • Contribution to blockchain evolution


  • Token type (utility, dividend distribution strategy)
  • The price and amount of tokens
  • Blockchain infrastructure
  • Token usage
  • Lock Up period for investors, team, advisors
  • Escrow


  • Technical description
  • Decentralization
  • Mining and storage terms
  • System safety level
  • Code audit
  • Code repository on GithHub, Sourceforge or BitBuket


  • Use of funds
  • Financial Roadmap

Competitive advantages

  • Blockchain advantage
  • Business model advantages against competitors
  • Level of technology development
  • Risk of new players entrance

Business model

  • Business plan completeness
  • Clarity of business
  • Cost efficiency
  • Fraud safety
  • Media presence (GithHub, Bitbucket, Medium, Bitcointalk, Reddit)
  • Size of online community (FB, Telegram, Slack)
  • Active communication in social media
  • Publications on news resources (Forbes, The Telegraph, The Economist, etc.)


  • Legal advisory
  • Legal terms and policies
  • Law adherence


  • Blockchain specialists
  • Tech specialists
  • Business acumen
  • Legal support
  • Social media presence (FB, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Quality of advisors


Each of eight factors has its own specific weight in a total evaluation, which might be changed depending on the lifecycle of a business, type of the product, market competition, etc.

Maximum score for each ICO – 5 points.

For each of the eight factors we determine all possible risks. Afterwards, we impose group of risks with highest probability of occurrence on the project's business model and consequently determine their potential impact on the company.

Depending on the type of the overall risk, a project is granted one of the following grades: investment or speculative.

  1. Low - highest rating, representing minimum risk default.
  2. Moderate - strong capacity to meet financial commitments.
  3. Elevated – a speculative opportunity for investors with a medium risk tolerance.
  4. High - high probability of default.